Sunday, October 7, 2012


I am NOT a morning person… I am cranky, itchy, moody, don’t even talk to me… I don’t even like smushing in the mornings... (ooops this is a Christian blog).. I don’t like playing twister… is what I meant. So, I am slow and take long showers, long time to brush my teeth and even to poop, I am not in a rush, then as I get out the shower... I am like daaaamiit, rush rush rush... I am late, so I super rush and get dressed, which goes slows as I re-tie my tie to make sure the vertex touches the tip of my belt… that is really GQ magazine’s fault... cause’ they made me all o.c.d. about it! Anyways, this one morning I was super speeding down the highway, and then exiting off the service road, and BLAH a RED light, at a place where you never get red lights at that time of the morning’ (5:55 a.m.)… But you would not imagine what I saw… for the first time I saw the Freedom Tower in Queens, shining tall, bright and unfinished, a soon to be masterpiece… America’s tallest, but more so... America’s symbol of resilience… a resurrection from that day of tragedy when thousands of lives and innocent blood was shed… And as I stood still, I felt God say to me, “this is you.” Wait what… God speaks… of course God speaks… so deep and subtle that it connected to me and caused me to tear… because only God knows my journey to where I have come in the last 12 years… a work in progress.
There’s a misconception, and I’ll admit to having this misconception, that God requires us to have it together. I’ve learned clearly that this doesn’t work, has not worked and will never work…  Think of all the ho’s and housewives, murderers and masochist, all the drop outs, all the druggies, all the foolish things God has used to demonstrate His love to this World. I am speechless, when I think about the Lord… cause I look at myself and say, “argh, God… really, me... ME?”… umm it’s not a low self esteem thing  it’s a …God if I was a Public Relations for God, perhaps I might not be the best man for the job. Hmm, I pretty much have learned that God sees the best in us… because God is looking for availability and willingness… let’s throw in some obedience in there too.

Lamb Chop’s Play Along

I remember growing up watching Lamb Chop’s Play Along as a kid, remember “this is the song that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friend, some people started singing not know what it was and …. Yeah you get the point, and yes that song will be stuck in your head all day! Anyway, in that cartoon there was a talking donkey named “Charlie Horse,” yup, he had two iconographical buckteeth, well would you believe that in the Bible there is a story about a talking donkey… what HOLY Mary Poppins, yes, a talking donkey. When God is trying to get His point across, He has a tendency of making it pretty clear. In Numbers 22 there is a story of Balaam, who was at one time cool peeps with God, but for the love of wealth and material goods compromised his integrity and disobeyed God, one foot in and one foot out of God’s commandments. Anyway, when Balaam disobeyed God’s specific instruction and decided to answer the summons of Balak, who wanted to curse the people of God, Balaam was not able to see the things of God (specifically the Angel in the path who stood with a sword),  but finally after three attempts the donkey throws him off its back and Balaam whips the donkey, the donkey who is a SHE, says pretty much that “it isn’t in my nature to disobey,” but then Balaam said no but his spiritual eyes became open and then he saw that God was being oppositional to his doings.  God has His way of having His plan come into effect, even when opposition rises up, His plans will remain.

Dead Man Walking

Halloween is near, pretty much a time to see the craziest costumes, from abominable monsters to Obama, all kinds of ghostly zombie costumes. Imagine however being from a time when Halloween wasn’t celebrated, but the living dead was something out of the ordinary. We would call someone living but who is dead a zombie, but I dare ask you the same question, are you a zombie? I mean if you are imaging a zombie as Thrillllllllllerr from Michael Jackson’s videos then you sorta have an idea. But I want you to think about these things. Are you living with dreams and visions that are dead?  Have you died because you have lost someone or something very important to you? Have you thrown in the towel because of a failed relationships, which you have decided not to love or trust a man (or woman) again? Have you committed occupational suicide and have wedged yourself in a dead-end job because you have given up on the possibility to arise because you are comfortable, or worst have given up on your ability or desire to do more with the talents and gifts that have been loaned to you by God. You are LIVING with DEAD desires, you are a zombie! I rest my case.
Remember that guy Lazarus who Jesus called forth from his decay and death bed and said, “ARISE,” imagine if he just stayed there… just laying around and said “hey I’m dead, they already had the funeral, it’s been three days already… dammit I’m dead, my organs have not been working, I’m just gonna lay here cause logically, yup I am DEAD! But Lazarus arose from his slumber and lived, and his walking and coming out of that tomb was his proposal “I am alive” but think about this for a sec, having been dead for three days, having not eaten, having your organs come back to life, I’m sure he was a bit weak, but he started to walk! He got UP! GET UP! GETTTTTTTTTTTTT UP! Stop sleeping in the land of the living.


God Wants To Heal You                  Artist: Kevin Davidson & The Voices
God wants to heal you
Everywhere you hurt
Everywhere you hurt
God will see you through
He'll take the pain away


God shall provide for you
Each and every day
Just lift your hands and say
Lord I need you
I need you right away

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

I need you (repeat)
I want you (repeat)
Gotta have you (repeat)

God wants to heal you
Everywhere you hurt
Everywhere you hurt
God will see you through
He'll take the pain away

Do you believe it? God wants to heal you from the hurt, that major incident in your life which has left you crippled, which has impaired you from opening up your life and having a FULL life. People will fail us, we will also get ourselves in some situations where we made poor choices which have caused us to be in a rough place… but get up Lazarus, see Lazarus and LAZY ASS seems very close in spelling… because sometimes laying down for the count, and not getting back up again seems easier… but then you risk missing your entire life as it passes you by. Do not be complacent or self-handicapped!   We serve an ALIVE GOD, who is more than capable and has a way of turning things out for good.

S.O.A.P. (Send Out A Prayer)

Father God, in the name of your Son Jesus, we thank You for another opportunity that we can have life through You. Father we know that You are a good God, a Faithful Promise Keeper, and we stand on Your word. Father I pray that from our ruins, that You would raise up MIGHTY men and women of POWER, of VALOR, strong persons who will bring life and healing to others in every realm and area which You have placed us. Father, for too long I have been knocked down, knocked out of breath, barely breathing, but Lord, breath into me new life again, raise up in me a renewed spirit, stead fast Lord, and allow me to use the gifts You have placed into me. Allow me to live and be happy filled with promises and have the desires of my heart come to past, according to your will. Lord I thank You for the renewal, in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Mucho Love-o
Mikey Smilez © 2012

Sorry for the wait, but I hope it was worth it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Perfect Imperfection

 Hello Darlin’
Ahhhh, some peace and quiet on a Friday night. I’ve been thinking about this blog topic for a few weeks now, and as you know I’d like to speak directly from experience instead of mere hypothetical references.

I need to lay some stuff out on the table, I guess some “AS IT IS”! In this walk with the Lordt’ do you realize that you will never attain perfection? Is that a YES? Let me explain, I feel many people practice this principle of having PERFECT LIVES, sorta like the White Picket Fence, Wife, 2 Kids and a dog… well, I mean that is cool and all if your name is Mrs. Cleaver but reality is that our lives  will be far from that.  Christianity sometimes has a Veneer, meaning sometimes there is this PSEUDO reality which we might see on those Christian networks, you know which one’s… the one’s with the perfect little this or the perfect little that.. BLAHHH ! That by far is such a false reality.

Aren’t we shocked when our FAVORITE television evangelist is exposed for this or that, or even when we find out that their marriage is over? But, sometimes we are so caught up in looking up to people that we forget to look into our own selves.

There is no one on Earth, past or present that is human who is infallible! The only person who is was crucified on a cross. So go ahead give yourself some credit.  I will be the first to say that I am filled with error. Sometime s practicing what we (I) preach is VERY, VERY difficult. The word of God is an outline, on HOW WE SHOULD, aka LIVING for Dummies… but it is extremely difficult to follow everything to the T.  I am not saying HEY GO AND “SIN”, run wild and be as hedonistic as you want... I am just saying this… YOU and ME are GOING to mess up, A LOT !

Daddy’s Little Boy & Girl

Do we call God our heavenly Father? Well, if so that makes us children, and children make hundreds of mistakes, ask any parent... do you feel that a parent will look at their child with disdain and say “YOU EVIL WICKED LITLE NIMP, You take after your MOTHER?” Parents are very appreciative, well they ought to be. Imagine a child who makes a drawing for their parent, we know that a child’s drawing is really far from perfect, however when a parent receives a work of art, they are extremely happy about the event or the ability that their child is able to share the love that they have with them. I believe this is like the Love of God, He is aware of our imperfections however the love He has for us is able to see past our flaws, see’s past our inability to color within the lines, see’s past spilling the milk, see’s past …etc.  This life will teach us many things, and when we are introspective we will see what’s working and what is not, or else we just might miss the lesson and relive the mistake again, pretty much a simple equation.


Every holiday there is this clay-mation cartoons that comes on television, and I distinctly remember one being about misfit toys that help Santa save Christmas. The Bible gives accounts of Jesus’ entourage and man did it consist of some misfits, a whore, a murderer, liars, an adulterer, even a Puerto Rican- the woman who got pregnant, had no baby daddy but was booed up with a man they called Jose for short, and she named her baby (heysus) JESUS, who’s first miracle was turning water into Bacardi 151, wepa, wepa, wepa! See, God isn’t looking for perfect people; He is looking for available persons who He can use.

Word UP!

2 Corinthian 4:For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,”[a] made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.


“There is a King in you” Donald Lawrence

You come from Royalty,
An aristocratic dynasty.
The goal of the enemy,
Is that you don't know who you are.
there's power when you speak.
Be mindful of words you release.
I know that life has challenged you,
But the King in me speaks to the King in you.
You were born to rule.
There is a king in you. (Repeat)

Is there no King in you,
Then why do you speak, speak with such defeat.
Is there no King in you,
Then why do you speak, speak with such low esteem.

I know life has challenged you,
But the King in me speaks to the king in you.
You were born to rule.
There is a King in you.

Prayer Time

Lord we come to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus and we thank You that we can come before You as we are. Lord, our lives are far from perfect and we realize Lord that you are not looking for perfect people, just people who will long after loving You and loving others and keep Your commandments. Father, help us to grow and be changed daily to be more like You Lord, and we understand that it takes time. Help us Lord to stay steadfast and keep on pressing forth and to realize that You see much more in us that we see in ourselves. Lord, thank you for Your unconditional love. In Jesus’ name amen.

Mucho Love-o
Mikey Smilez
© 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012



It’s that time of year where everything is in pastels, cute pictures of fuzzy bunnies, chicks, pink and yellow marshmallows, Easter baskets, and lots and lots of chocolate… but if you are not in tune to what is really going on, then you need to sit back and let me school you on the reason for the season. That really sounds like something we would say around Christmas time, and I found I was telling my clients “Happy Holidays” over the phone. Easter is really simply about one word, and that is LOVE, and love entails sacrifice and a sacrifice entails forgiveness and forgiveness was made possible on the cross.

70x7 ?

490, yes mathematically but NO per this context.
No that is not the little girl group Whitney Houston tried to assemble back in the day, that is 702.
70x7 is the amount of times Jesus said we should forgive those who have wronged us… basically it’s an infinite amount of times… it kinda raises a brow cause’ if someone has done ya dirty, forgiveness seems to be the last thing you are thinking of… more like stab um’ in the eye with a rusty knife.
The last few weeks have been quite a learning experience for me. I’ve learned a lot relative to forgiveness.

I was recently disappointed and hurt by someone who in my opinion acted inappropriately under the influence of alcohol, and their actions had bothered me for an entire week until I took things into my own hands and approached him and beat him with a 2x4, I keeeed I keeeed. I really felt I was DESERVING of an apology, I didn’t do anything why should I had to apologize but BUT BUTTTTTTT, sometimes the ways of Christ isn’t the way of man.
We all know that scripture we hear at weddings about Love found in 1 Corinthians 13: that love is this love is that, but it really took me understanding and applying verse 5 to my life.

“…it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

Wow, so the latter part of that verse says, LOVE keeps no record of wrong... YIKES, so I swallowed my pride and told him I forgave him. And it felt like a pile of bricks was lifted. I had to tell myself, that I had to be Christ-like, to get past this hurdle cause’ I do love that beadazzled crystal loving queen.

Matt 18:23-35 There was a story (parable) Jesus spoke about where a servant had owed his master 10k and his master pardoned him, but then that servant was owed $100 from his homie, and he had caused a big stink and had him tossed in prison and when the Master found what the servant who owed the greater amount had done he became furious and had a greater jurisdiction on that servant. And Jesus said this is like the kingdom of God where we should have an endless forgiving heart.

Turned Tables!

Do you know what guilt is? Guilt is a reallllllly powerful emotion, it is even crippling at times. Sometimes my mind wonders and I think of a certain someone from my past and I get an emotional kick in the stomach. Really, it is that bad…sometime out of nowhere when thinking about relationships or just life, I would think on how bad, really bad I treated him… and man oh man does it hurt, I’d shed a few tears, cringed, got a little depressed, had to really pray for forgiveness, and ask him a several times to forgive me. It seems at times I feel that I’ve blamed the karma and the lack of a decent relationship on the universe teaching me the sensitivity and appreciation of people who I share love with. Maybe you’ve felt like this in your life; that all the wrong things that you’ve done that you don’t deserve grace or mercy or forgiveness. And really we don’t… because as many countless times that we fail God, He innumerable-ly forgives us, and that’s why grace is a gift from God, which we cannot ever fully understand the depths of this love for us.


Artist: Helen Baylor
Song: Sea of Forgetfulness

I stand before you quilty and unworthy
How can I be forgiven and Holy
And I know I break your heart, but you promise I could start all over
in all the things I've done you place them each and every one

Into the Sea of forget fullness you placed all of my sin
For I'm the one who keeps reminding you over and over again
Into the sea of forgetfulness as far as the east from the west
Seventy times seven you forgiven me and you keep cleansing me and
Placing my sin into the sea of forgetfulness.

You welcome me with open arms of mercy
In spite of all I've done you still keep loving me
and I only need to ask and you erase all of my past forever
My debts have all been paid and they have all been washed away

Into the Sea of forget fullness you placed all of my sin
For I'm the one who keeps reminding you over and over again
Into the sea of forgetfulness as far as the east from the west
Seventy times seven you forgiven me and you keep cleansing me and
Placing my sin into the sea of forget fullness.

It's your unveiling love that covers me and all my multitude of sin
It's your steadfast love that keeps reminding me I'm forgiven

Into the Sea of forget fullness you placed all of my sin
For I'm the one who keeps reminding you over and over again
Into the sea of forgetfulness as far as the east from the west
Seventy times seven you forgiven me and you keep cleansing me and
Placing my sin into the sea of forgetfulness.

Placing my sin into the sea of forgetfulness

Prayer Time:

Lord in the name of your Son and our savior Jesus Christ we thank You for the cross of Calvary which reminds us of the price of love, and the sacrifice of Your life which brings us back into communion with You Lord. Father, thank you for forgiving us of our sins and making us anew and allow us to forgive others as you have forgiven us our trespasses. Father we know You chasten those whom you love and I pray Lord that I will strive for a deeper walk with You, to know Your ways and to love how You have loved me, selflessly. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Mucho Love-o
Mikey Smilez

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Who doesn’t know what “WWJD” means? Even my non Christian cousins know of the term! On Sunday I was with some friends at a new church and it was the sermon’s topic…. “KNOWING the real JESUS,” who is that negro? Is He really your home boy? Is JESUS your VIRTUE as Gaga said?

How do we walk with Jesus? On certain occasions we wanna’ be Christ-like, yah know going to church on Christmas and Easter, passing by a church or cemetery- doing a crucifix, at special dinner occasions- saying Grace, Ash Wednesday or partaking in Lent? I mean really is there like Jesus Brownie points? Are there things you can do to be on the side of the Lordt?

50% Off

My coworker asked me something yesterday that made me think. She said, “Mike you know I am a Christian, and I am not perfect, (don’t we always say that statement), and I’m trying to be a Godly woman, BUT… and I was preparing to hear something spicy like how she got tied up and spanked by some Shemar Moore look-alike.. But she said… “I have a friend….” Bahahhaha you all know that this means, “I am that friend…” she told me a story how her aunt got her into shop lifting at high end department stores, and she was taught how to put under her garments articles of clothing which did not have the sensors, and go to another location, return the item, receive store credit/gift card and then buy the things she wants… her question to me was… “I don’t do this anymore but I know people who are selling the gift cards at half the price, would it be wrong to partake in it, would it be a sin because I’m partaking in something wrong?”

This was a biggie for me… I was realllly thinking hard cause’ we know… buying things that “fell of the truck” can be really enticing…

She continued to say, “I am doing well for myself, I have my own place, four kids, who don’t ever need anything, and my jeep but I went shopping for them at Abercrombie this weekend, and I bought all of them one thing, and the girls, undergarments…etc., and she continued to tell and show me her $300 shoes for Neeman… followed by, I need to start a new gig. What would you do?”

Wow, this was very difficult for me to answer; I do love retail therapy and having nice things… I couldn’t think of the “RIGHT” answer to tell her, something in line with the word of the Lord. I didn’t know the scripture that said, “thou shalt not buy stolen merchandise…”

She just continued to say, “I’ll just do it and ask forgiveness later.” And then she walked out of the office.

WWMikeyD vs WWJesusD

Dammit! It’s very difficult to say “NO” I shouldn’t partake in something wrong when it benefits me. I mean dammit, I’d like a gang bang for my buck! Do we have the sense of “oh once I didn’t do it, then it’s fine.” Or do we say, “Lord, thanks for the hook-up,” as we prance around in our long heel- red bottoms? Or breaking the speed limit, cause’ we are late for church, lying on our time-sheets, on our tax return, not telling the clerk at the supermarket that they forgot to scan an item! Do we measure or righteousness aka Jesus-ness by a standard or by OUR own standard? Damn yall’ I know the thoughts are really turning up inside right now.

Are you a size Queen?

Well are you? I mean are you measuring up your HOLINESS with someone else’s? Hmm, I think we miss the point of Chris-likeness if we have to weigh our goods vs. bad. I don’t believe that this is what the minisitry of Christ entails… Our human nature, our sinful nature, our flaws, our ungodliness, our wrong doings, our slip ups, our sins... etc. has been paid for by the Cross. The life of Jesus was that ultimate sacrifice to atone our wrong doings, to remedy our carnal and our impure heart. All the wrong was done away with, think of it as a bailout plan. However not everything that is done is without consequences… if you are a speed racer, you are likely to get a ticket (Hi Miguel), then points on your license, and then a suspended license, and then you are taking a bus/train to church. If you want to shop lift you risk the chance of being caught, a record, your photo in the store, embarrassment etc., insurance scams…jail etc. Whatever we do, there is the risk, an ultimate counter reaction… like cheating on a spouse, think of breaking the family, the issues that will arise in a child, the lack and rebuilding of trust in a spouse… there is that element of something bearing down on our conscience when we do something wrong. Should I have told my coworker, if she managed her money wisely and not buy luxury items, she wouldn’t have to partake in the actions which she was contemplative about?

Word Up!

Galatians 6:7-8
“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.”

Clint Brown- “I want to be more like you”

I want to be more like You
I want to be more like You
I want to be a vessel You work through
I want to be more like You

Prayer Time

Lord, in the name of Your Son Jesus, I humble ask for your presence to fill and saturate my life. Lord I pray for a renewing of my mind and a cleansing of my heart. Lord help my ways to be in line to how You have out lined them in Your word. Lord, change my ways and my habits that are not pleasing to You. Lord I pray that people will know that I am a believer by how I live my life, not by what I say I am. Lord, I pray that my Christianity will be a living entity in my life, a personal and daily devoted commitment to my relationship with You. Lord, help me to spend more time with You may I may know Your voice. Thank You for loving me. In Jesus name, Amen.



Friday, March 2, 2012

Fe Man!

Hi Family, I’m Baaaaaackkkk..

Yes, I know it’s been a very, very long time since I wrote a devotional… I truly hope you missed me, u betta have… so here we go…


Two weeks ago I was in bed tossing and turning, turning and tossing… you’d think there was a pea underneath my mattress! So 2:30a.m.ish hits, and I recievet a text message… so I said, really at this hour who is drunk texting me… so I walk across the room to my phone and see it’s a message from my ex. I said “pshhhhh” and probably rolled my eyes a few times.

I read the content and said, “Are you serious…? You are texting me at this hour to ask about Volleyball and if you can play on my team.” So, as I was responding with something witty about my team not needing anymore players just a Mascot, if he had wanted that position it was available… he responds with another message saying, PARAPHRASING : If I could meet tomorrow because he could use someone to talk to… that I am the only one with sound advice, about how his “union” with his boyfriend has taken an “awfully familiar turn for the worst.”

OH HELLLLLLLLLLL NO! First of all, if you loved your ex you are able to know their habits and ways, as I did know that the first message of volleyball was a dayum ice breaker! And boy did I let him HAVE IT… as gay people said (I READ HIM), I listed 9 point that I thought he should have gotten , how it is, how it should be, what he did, what he needs to do, and then some!

Well, just some background information, this Ex had caused me the MOST PAIN in a relationship ever. And I had seen him around the holidays at the club with his, as he told me “fiancé”… hmmm about 7 months earlier when I saw him and he tried to get with me 3x and played the mind games, Annnnnd when we were in our relationship going through the rough times, this now fiancé was the person texting him a plethora of nonsense… so you know my itchin’ and ranting and taking out the razor blades to cut an itch’ wasn’t just because I was having a bad day!

ONE WIN for Mikey Smilez! Ding Ding Ding


So, the next day I called my God brother and couldn’t wait to tell him about what had transpired the night before. I was so PUFFED UP that I had told my ex a thing or two or 9. So I decompressed all that I did have to say and then waited for his opinion, mind you that my God brother knows exactly whom the parties entailed and every facet and detail of my relationship with that ex and all that proceeded after it.

So, I was done speaking and I was waiting for a thumbs-up or maybe something like a “LIKE” status, or something … that would say yeah “you let him have it!” But what I got was a PARAPHRASING: “I think you over reacted, blah blah I think you should consider it a compliment that he is coming to you for advice, blah blah you were the one who messed up first BIG BLAH BLAH BLAH (Shut the hell up ure suppose to be on my side BLAH BLAH) I thought of this… My God brother is dramatic and as bedazzler as he can be, made me reanalyze the situation.


So, about a week later I was rubber duckying… and as I was washing my armpits, then I received an epiphany, like someone had flushed the toilet and the water became hot! It was more of a OUCH than anything else. The epiphany had occurred because I had played volleyball that night, and my ex was brought to mind, more so the situation which had transpired between him and me.

Number UNO- My ex is an atheist… (could you believe it, the sex was that good.. I was with an atheist.. lolzz… no it was more than that..GOSH can’t you take a joke…pshhh,)

Dos- I was placed into a position where I could have revealed more of Christ-Like behavior and mannerism and show him the GOD in ME and been there as an example as what we Christians should stand for !

Tres- He wasn’t that good, I just loved his grandma’s buttered shrimp and tostones!


“Fe” is the written name for Iron on the periodical table of elements. And one thing that is true about metals is that when they are rubbed against each other they will inevitable sharpen each other. In the Book of Proverbs 27:17 it says, “As iron sharpening iron, so one man sharpens another.” That is pretty deep, because we’ve heard the statement “one rotten apple, spoils the bushels.” But it holds the same truth for positive things! Think about this concept for a second, have you heard a speech that was so inspiring that it caused you to refocus or reposition your thoughts or actions that it compelled you to want to do something different or make necessary changes in your life. I’ve told my students that you can either “Infect” or “Inspire” people, infect means to cause corruption and ultimately destroy, and “Inspire” means to influence, move or guide.

It’s easy to offer advice and well wishes for those who we LIKE, but loving our enemies or frienimies is something very difficult. Believe me when Christ was saying love your enemies He really knew the extent of this difficult task, loving those who have done wrong to us, sometimes revenge seems like the sweetest thing… most appropriate for those that have hurt us or the one's we love.. It takes a whole lot of Jesus, God, Holy Spirit and the 12 DISCIPLINES (Madea), to let some of that pain out!

If we are not sharp, how can we walk with the Lord and inspire others…

Artist 21:03 “Everybody Can’t Go”

{Spoken} Hey listen to me….You know sometimes on the way to your destiny people try to roll with you that you KNOW ain’t no good for you. Sometimes you gotta let some stuff go, some people go. Let go of some of that baggage ‘cause Everybody Can’t Go.

{Verse 1} Destiny’s calling and you need to make some changes
Get what He’s got for you, that means you can’t go some places
If they all go left, maybe you should go right
Stay out of mischief and you will have a better life.

Is the drama worth it (No)
Saying sorry for it(No)
Did it benefit you? (No)
Doing What Your friends

Is the drama worth it (No)
Saying sorry for it(No)
There’s a simple lesson for you to learn.

{Chorus} Everybody can’t go, where you need to go
Gotta separate your life, in order to grow
Everybody can’t go, better let some stuff go
All you gotta know is that God says so.
(Repeat Chorus) {Verse 2} Friends come and go but you need to pick the right ones
Pick those that add to you and don’t subtract none
Don’t need no negative, not even making progress
Don’t let them pull you down into their dirty mess.


{Bridge} Everybody wants to be attached to you
When you’re doing what you know that you were called to do
Can’t play no games now, You’re making moves now
You’ll be affected by your choices.
You’ve got a purpose and a mission.
Don’t you forfeit is and give in to submission
Don’t let the enemy make you miss your blessing
Stay in your calling and then you will see…

{Bridge 2}Everybody can’t go
Gotta leave some stuff behind
Erase some numbers out your phone
Let it go, let it go
Spend some time alone

Prayer Time

Lord, in the name of Your Son Jesus, we humbly come to You and ask that You search our lives and remove every sin and short coming that is not pleasing to You. Lord, You have order us to be salt and light of this world, a people that is set apart and godly, a people filled with love and compassion. Lord allow us by the Holy Spirit to change these carnal ways, and to be set apart so we may be great ambassadors for you, a people filled with power and might, a people of hope for this generation, a breath of fresh air and light. Lord, help us to forgive our enemies as you have forgiven our sins, and purge our heart and replace it with peace and something new. We ask you this humbly Lord. Amen.

Mucho Love-o ©2012

Mikey Smilez

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brother's Keeper Part 1

My Letter to Rihanna

Hi RiRi,

Happy 24th Birthday… My prayer for you this year is that your life be filled with continued health, prosperity and that every longing desire of your heart be fulfilled.

Last night I arrived home around midnight, and I was catching up on my Facebook and I came across a posting of your song “BIRTHDAY CAKE” with a remix featuring Chris Brown…
I heard cake perhaps two times before, so I knew the nature of the song but I never fully paid attention to it until last night... I was very curious as to hear what Chris’ part would entail…
I don’t wanna say I was shocked, but more so I’d say I was disappointed. I am one of those persons who listen to lyrics more so than just the beat of the song…

Ri, I was disappointed but also a little angry... this is the reason.

I work with adolescents as a substance abuse counselor and also in family therapy… I have a heart to shelter, building self value, self worth, self esteem, and letting them know what wonderful persons they are and their capabilities and potential once they apply themselves.

MUSIC is such a large part of their lives… when they can quote lyrics of songs more than they can formulate grammatical sentences or solve simple math equations; it shows the impact which music has on their lives.

Adolescents and children are always watching and learning… they should get their primary insight on “HOW TO” this and “HOW TO” that from their homes but unfortunately there is usually a dysfunction which occurs where families are broken sometimes due to substance abuse, and sometimes even domestic abuse and violence. And the cycle usually continues, where they are bound to repeat the same mistakes as victim or assailant … they are also being raised by the media, and media isn’t so wholesome where there is much building up and empowering of our generation… it is being poisoned by messages of self destruction.

I know on any given day you don’t wake up thinking that you are a role model for anyone… but with fame comes visibility, and you get glamorized and idolized. And many eyes are looking up to you, as a teacher as their voice as their strength…

Three years ago we had a basic idea of what transpired, but we only know what you tell us. Did you think for a second that could’ve been the end of your life…the last time you celebrated your birthday… many girls do not walk away with a voice to tell their story, with the opportunity to rise from their carcasses, like silent bones.

Also many persons are kept prisoner in their own homes, because they have no alternative place to go to, they are being abused by someone who has them hostage... even if it’s their own lack or inability to be strong and move out because they are without strength or courage to break free.

Ri, after that incident we saw you rise from your bruises and you had the world on your side… you experienced something publically which many women hide behind makeup and lies to hide their shame. You had a chance to experience the grim reality of someone’s life other than Rihanna.

But you did rise, and you made songs of female camaraderie… songs that empower women and showed the loyalty of women to stand by each other in whatever adversary would come their way.

Today at work I asked the opinion of 7 adolescents, 1 female and 6 males about what had transpired three years ago and asked their opinion of the “CAKE REMIX” collaboration… the feedback was not surprising, many of the men said if it was their sister, the guy involved would have paid big time with a “major ass kicking,” the girl had said a most shocking, “maybe she still loves him,” but what is ironic is that this girl’s mother was also domestically abused. And one person said, “If Chris had gained therapy for his issue then it would be permissible.”

I feel as a society Chris has made his way back and I feel he has been somewhat forgiven, but forgetting what occurred is very difficult at this time.. I will not lie and say that I do not like Chris’ music… my problem however is with this song in particular as a first time collaboration… I feel there were steps missing… it seems like you are not telling the World something imperative… have you spoken aloud about your forgiveness or a song that dually says to the world, “that perhaps we are going to work at this,” a relationship oriented song… perhaps a song to pick up the pieces…? I feel this song is not even the makeup sex song… it’s not a song of sexual power… I doubt there is going to be a video where it’s a S&M getup up and you are making Chris your “bitch,” as your lyrics say, nor are you going to have a strap on… so needless to say people may see you as the one who is getting dominated.

YES, media attention positive or negative is still media... so you have accomplished that with this song. We do not know what’s in your heart or what your intent is.

I prayed for you last night to be lead to make right decision not which is governed by the lust for fame but keeping in mind that there are millions of eyes, impressionable souls that are looking to you and you have the weight of them on your conscience. While writing this I took a break to look at a video by Sophia and Rosie Grace, and thought of those young girls, who knew every word of Nicki Minaj’s song and felt that one day if they were faced with something you had experienced if they will be strong enough to make the right decisions.

I’m reaching out to you not just as a fan, but as a brother. As a brother the ability to protect my sister is something instinctual and I’m sure your brother shares the same mindset.

Mucho love-o,

Mikey Smilez

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tough Love

Beat yo’ Kids

I was in the elevator yesterday with my friends (Hi Jimmy bear and my God son Munckin Baby Swag) but prior to us getting into the elevator we were talking about me having a son, and how great it would be etc… Mikey Smilez Jr., but as we were waiting in the lobby out came maybe 5 rugrats running around and just speaking with their outside voice inside…and then they all came into the elevator with us… so after they all left the elevator, there was this look from our other friends directed to me, more so asking “is this what you want?” Jimmy then said, “Oh No those will not be your kids!” simply alluding to West Indian Disciplinary style aka “LICKS.” “Licks,” as great as that words gets used in other context of our lives means to “get yo @$$ beat,” or “te voy a caer encima.”

Word Up!

Hebrews 12:
6 For whom the Lord loveth he achasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
7 If ye aendure bchastening, God dealeth with you as with csons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?
8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.
9 Furthermore we have had afathers of our flesh which bcorrected us, and we gave them creverence: shall we not much rather be indsubjection unto the eFather of fspirits, and live?
10 For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of hisaholiness.

S.A.T Words- “Chaste”- No it is not a bank Crystal, it means to inflict suffering upon for moral correction and “Scourge” means a whip or last for the infliction of punishment.

Wait! God is NOT at Sadist, he is a Happyist! ahhahaha Sadist is one who finds pleasure in torture. When I am Daddy Smilez I feel that discipline is imperative, the ability to correct and rear kids so they may conduct themselves in an orderly manner. I work with adolescents and many of these children who come in for clinical addiction and truancy issues have been missing stern family structure, and many professionals in the mental health industry have said that children thrive under structure.

2 Boyz 1 Cup

Ever since Friday I’ve been having a greater revelation of who God is. He is such a wonderful Father! When I was going through a rough time in my life (as described in my blog titled “11:11”) it was a Saturday night, and I got down on my knees and was balling before God cause everything in my life was going wrong… on Friday I went to see “Godspell” (a Broadway show about the life/teaching of Jesus) and there was a scene as well as mentioned in the Bible in the gospels of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane thank the Lord for spell check, cause’ I didn’t know how to smell that one) right before he was to be taken into custody and begin the flogging and crucifixion where He said:

Matt.26:39, "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt."

And I said the same thing that Saturday night, because I was going through the garden of Gethsemane of my life, BUT KNOW THIS… when you’re in your garden know that you’re bound to get some fruit… you will develop character fruits of the spirit which are:

1 Love (Greek: agape)
2 Peace (Latin: pax, Greek: eirene)
3 Patience (Latin: longanimitas)
4 Kindness (Latin: benignitas)
5 Goodness (Latin: bonitas)
6 Faithfulness (Latin: fides)
7 Gentleness (Latin: mansuetudo)
8 Self-control (Latin: "continentia”)

And we should have 4-5 Servings of fruit servings a day! Get it! So when you are faced in the darkest hour of your life, when things are dim, and you feel you are at your worst, and you are saying “why God, why me… why this suffering, why these losses..?” Know this bristas (brothers and sistas) that it is in the hard times that the essence of character is developed, and I can speak from personal experience and say that on Thanksgiving 2011 I am thankful for how God is working in my life, and letting me find true happiness in my profession, and my love for others and my love for life, and more so a Passion to serve the heart of God… He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith… believe me, He knows what’s best… watch Him unfold his plans for blessings and purpose in your life, and be thankful that HE LOVES YOU, HE LOVES YOU, HE LOVES YOU and you are going through these trials because He has a plan to make you come out as refined and pure with integrity and godly character. So thank Him for loving you by correcting you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


“For Every Mountain”- Cover by Kelly Price

I've got so much to thank God for
So many wonderful blessings
And so many open doors
A brand new mercy
Along with each new day
That's why I praise You
And for this I give You praise
For waking me up this morning
That's why I praise You
For sending me on my way
That's why I praise You
For letting me see the sunshine
Of a brand new day
A brand new mercy
Along with each new day
That's why I praise You and for this
I give You praise

You're Jehovah Jhireh
That's why I praise You
You've been my Provider
That's why I praise You
So many times You´ve met my need
So many times You rescued me
That's why I praise You
I want to thank You for the blessing
You give to me each day
That's why I praise You
For this I give You praise

For every mountain You brought me over
For every trial you've seen me through
For every blessing
Hallelujah, for this I give You praise

Mucho Love-o ©2011

Special thanks to Alex F. and Angel S. for telling me what their mom said to them before they got their butts whipped! Gracias.